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November 28, 2013

How do you prepare a Thanksgiving turkey? We asked kindergarteners

Megan Geise’s kindergarten class at Turbotville Elementary

Lakesha Hauck

My mom goes to a farm in China for our turkey. She drives there while I am in school. She runs around the farm to catch the turkey. She hides the gun in the car. She does not like blue turkeys. She only likes the yellow and orange turkeys. My mom holds the turkey by the feathers and cuts him up. She puts the turkey in a pan. She puts a seat belt around the turkey. She stuffs the turkey with 10 meatballs. She dumps three gallons of milk on it. She puts salt and a feather with glue on it because she pulled it off. She tells the turkey sorry and then they are friends.


Claire Dufrene

Here is how you get a turkey. You sneak and pick it up at the beach. All turkeys go to the beach because they don’t want to be shot. They spend the day floating in the water. My dad teaches kids at the high school so he knows how to get turkeys. When they aren’t looking, he sneaks up and gets it. He usually puts a tiny gun in his pocket. Once he has it in his hands, he takes his gun out and shoots it. He takes the turkey and rinses it out in the ocean. He sets the turkey in the front seat. My mom is at home cooking dinner when he does this. My mom sends me out to help my dad. Mom covers the turkey in stuffing. She puts two drops of lemon juice on it. She puts it on the grill for five seconds.

Sawyer Bortz

My turkey comes from itself. It lays an egg. It has to sit on it and then a baby comes out. My turkey has the baby in a cage. I know it — the egg comes out of the butt. We only eat the mommy or daddy turkeys. I have no idea who cooks our turkey. I put the turkey in the oven alive and smack it.  I just cook it from 110. I don’t even like turkey.  

Nathan Gerard Miller

My dad gets our turkey every time. He goes out to our silo and “shots” it off of the silo. He shoots it. It falls off. I catch it. We only catch fat turkeys. I have a big net in my hand. It falls right into the target. My Dad jumps on it 10 times. The second thing is that he carves it. He cuts that hair stuff off. He puts it in the oven for 50 minutes. While my dad is shooting the turkey, my Mom sets the table. And another thing that my mom does is she invites my whole family over. She talks on the phone for 50 hours every Thanksgiving. Another thing is we always say the blessing.   

Izayah Brownsberger

My Dad gets our turkey at the forest. My Pappy Shaffer goes with him.  Pappy is 100 years old. They wear hunter clothes. Turkeys usually go to Hawaii when they are going to get eaten. They just walk there. My dad “shots” the turkey and makes him dead. Pappy gets the turkey and puts him in a bag. The turkey wants to be dead forever and ever. When my dad goes down the hill, the turkey gets out of the bag. Daddy opens the door and the turkey goes right to his feet. Daddy screams. There is turkey blood all over my daddy’s leg. Daddy chopped him all up in the garage. Pappy couldn’t kick it anymore. He’s too old. There is blood all over his feet too.  Mommy cooks the turkey. She cuts the feathers off. She makes Indian headbands with the feathers. Mommy was scared of the turkey so she slept in her bed. Daddy “waked” her up. Mommy burns the turkey up in the oven for 100 hours.  

Noah Johnson

My dad’s name is Jason. He kills turkeys. He goes down to the woods by our house and kills all the turkeys. He sells the turkeys to strangers for $5. He goes down to the woods in the middle of the night in camouflage. The turkeys are sleeping in the leaves. He is quiet. He gets out his gun and shoots them all. When he shoots them, the feathers fall off. The Mommy turkeys hide because they don’t want to get shot. My daddy still catches them. He puts 400 turkeys in his backpack. He gives mommy a girl turkey. Mommy cuts a hole in the turkey’s chest and puts stuffing in it. She sets the turkey in the oven at two degrees. She cooks it for three hours. She sleeps all day while the turkey is cooking.  

Mason Schneck

If I was catching a turkey, I would build a tree fort. I would sprinkle cheese on the floor. The best time of day to catch a turkey is at night. Did you know they are nocturnal? I would have binoculars and then when I saw it, I would get my gun and shoot it. That’s how I would catch one. I am only allowed outside at night by myself if I’m catching light-up bugs. I’d drive a ranger and put the dead turkey in the back. I cut the good stuff out of the turkey with a knife and scissors. Sometimes we eat the feet bones. Get all of the good stuff out of the head. I have never done a turkey so I’m just kinda thinking this stuff up. Don’t put the turkey in a pan. Just put foil under it and it cooks fine. Cook it for 40 minutes until it gets all nice and good.  

Savannah Worthington

The turkeys go to the beach and then swim under the water. They leave the beach and go to a forest in Africa and lay eggs. Just the mommy’s lay eggs. The daddy’s help lay the eggs too. The babies are in the eggs for a million years. They hatch. They come to America the same way they got to Africa. When the turkeys get to America, they go to Knoebel’s and ride big stuff. They walk around and do what them want to. I’d get on a roller coaster close to a turkey and catch it with a net. I would then sit down and enjoy the ride. I’ll take the turkey to my house and enjoy it for Valentine’s Day. I’ll cut the skin off and stuff the turkey with the meat that you have in salad. The turkey is yucky with the feet on it. Take the feet off. Put a lot of pepper on it.  Put it in the oven for 10 minutes.  

Maura Woland

My dad and my brothers shoot our turkey. I do not like my brothers. They fight me all the time. My mom is afraid of turkeys when they are alive. My dad goes to our old cottage to shoot a turkey. He’s quiet when he walks in the woods. When he hears a turkey, he runs and shoots it. My dad is “speedy.” I’m faster than him because he 40. My brothers walk slow behind him. He puts on gloves and grabs the turkey by the leg. He puts it in a bag (that bag is always dirty). The turkey is all the way in the bag. He put the turkey in the trunk. It just sits in there and spoils. We put it in the oven and it bakes. Mommy puts it in the sink and washes it to get rid of the spoils. Mommy cooks it for 10 hours. She folds clothes while the turkey is cooking. She checks her emails, too.  

Karma Schaffer

First, you have to let your dad kill it. He takes his truck to the woods. If I’m with my dad, he will try and kill bears, too. I wait in the car with my mom while daddy kills the turkeys. He walks around and is quiet and tries to find one. He always looks for the big ones. He walks very slowly up to it. He sneaks up behind it. He shoots it. Daddy holds the turkey while mommy drives. We listen to the cruise song while we take our turkey home. We put the windows down because the turkey smell is so bad. My dad never helps with cooking. He just watches NCIS all day. Mommy puts “season” on it and pepper (one cup).  Bake it for 45 minutes at 60 degrees.

Griffon Bower

Every Thanksgiving all of turkeys in the whole world run into the forest in Pennsylvania. I live in Turbotville. I do not live in Pennsylvania. A forest is a good place for the turkeys to go because they can hide behind trees. My mom brings  a knife with her into the forest. She pretends to be a normal person with the knife hidden behind her back. The turkeys come out and she gets her knife. She cuts one. She gets a little turkey because they taste like normal. All the other turkeys get scared and run away. They all run to Pennsylvania. When she cuts it open, she takes the chicken out. She carries it home. She puts it in the oven and cooks it. She puts one hamburger inside the turkey. She cooks it for 1 minute.  

Arleigh Laidacker

My Mom goes to Walmart for our turkey. She gets the turkey in the pet section. She buys a boy turkey that is 18 thousand pounds. My mommy puts 10 sticks of butter in the turkey. She puts it in the oven for 10 hours.   

Mya Evans

My pappy gets our turkey from the woods. He gets in a tree stand. He yells “gobble” to get the turkeys to come. He shoots a big one. He takes the skin off in the woods. He puts the turkey in his truck and drives home. When he kills it, it stops gobbling. He peels the feathers off. Sometimes pappy gives the feathers to me. He takes a hose and sprays it on the turkey in the garage. He puts the turkey in the oven for 15 minutes. He puts Sweet Baby Rays on it.  

Benjamin Musgrave

We eat turkey on Thanksgiving because it’s the day before Christmas. God makes the turkeys out of feathers and turkey meat. God sends the turkeys from heaven the same way I got here. I got here from falling from the sky.  God comes down and catches the turkeys. He catches them in a farm in Watsontown. He lets the turkeys at the farm and flies back to heaven. My mom and dad cook our turkey. My parents are kinda in love. They feed the turkey chicken meat before they kill it. Actually, they put chicken nuggets and pepper in the turkey. They put syrup on the turkey. They put push pops where the feathers were. That’s all of my sentence! I’m tired!

Cohen Zechman

My pappy cooks our turkey. He goes out in the woods to get our turkey.  He goes there by himself. He can’t run because he broke his ankle. He moves his tree stand every year. He goes in his computer room and gets stuff for hunting. He shakes a thing and blows through a thing to get the animal to come. He gets his gun and shoots a 99-pound turkey. He takes his four-wheeler out and puts it on the back. He takes the turkey to be checked out. He takes a knife and fork and cuts it up. He takes the skin out. He throws the turkey in the pool to get it washed. I like ranch with my turkey. He cooks the turkey in the oven for 29 minutes.

Brooke Ryder

My dad is a teacher. His name is Robert. He is so smart. My pap taught him how to make turkey traps. He sets the trap at his school on a hill near the playground. While he is teaching, he watches to see if the turkeys sneak up behind the traps. He puts stuff that turkeys don’t like in the trap. He calls the turkeys from his classroom window. He says “gobble” loud. He tells his students to go play centers while he shoots the turkey. After he shoots it, he sets it outside. He doesn’t let his principal know that he is doing it. The principal would fire him. After school, he puts it in his car. He drives it. He cooks it for 45 minutes in a pot. I put pepper and season on it.  

Riley Springer

My dad puts all turkeys in the woods. After he puts them all there, he shoots them all. He scoops the turkeys up in his hands. He puts them all in his truck. He carves the feathers. He picks one big boy turkey and puts it in the oven. All the other dead turkeys, he takes back to the woods. He pulls the turkeys tongue out to make it stop gobbling. He puts two cups of salt on it. He puts pepperonis around the turkey. He cooks it for two hours. My Dad dances to “What Does the Fox Say?” while the turkey is cooking.

Christopher Broom

Turkeys are made up in heaven. My momma made them. Our turkey flies down from heaven. A hunter gets our turkey. He takes off the feathers. The hunter drops our turkey down our chimney. Daddy picks up the turkey. He puts the turkey in the sink. He cleans it with shampoo. Mommy makes it. She puts stuffing in it. She uses 58 loaves of bread to make the stuffing. She cooks our turkey on a pan for zero days. She waits by the pan while it’s cooking.  She makes macaroni and cheese while it’s cooking.  

Emily Livziey

When birds have babies, turkeys come out. They walk to a pool. They swim. The girl turkeys wear princess bathing suits. The boy turkeys wear shark suits. They all go home to Milton. My mom goes to Milton and buys our turkey. My mom buys an old turkey (5-years old). She buys it at CVS.  She puts our turkey in a big baggie so the turkey doesn’t escape. She runs home. My mom is fast. She is 80 years old. When they get home, mom and the turkey watch Scooby Doo. She gives the turkey corn to eat. She gives the turkey a drink (water). Mom and the turkey take a nap in a nest. Mom doesn’t cook our turkey because it is a pet. We eat corn instead.        

Julie Briskey’s kindergarten class at Turbotville Elementary

Andie Bohart

A mom turkey lays an egg and then the baby hatches. Every week the turkey gets older. Once they are old enough; about 4 or 5 weeks, they probably want people to buy them. People buy them from a farmer for Turkey Day. It’s sad, but you have to kill them first with a knife. The farmer kills them because my dad doesn’t want to. He uses a knife, probably. If you don’t want to eat the head, then the farmer can cut that off, too. The head is gross and has all the icky stuff, don’t eat that. The farmer even cuts the skin off. My dad buys the turkey from the farmer. It costs $5. My dad normally puts the turkey in the freezer. On turkey day, my dad takes the turkey out and cooks it in the oven. When the timer beeps it is done. My dad lets it cool off. He tastes it to make sure it’s good to eat. My mom uses some of the turkey to make a salad. My mom cuts the turkey up and gives it to us. We eat it, but my dad usually gets the largest part. My favorite part is the leg, but he eats that.  

Hannah Craig

I don’t know what we’re doing for Thanksgiving. I just know that this year we are having ham instead because my brother doesn’t like turkey. My mom is in charge of Thanksgiving so she decides what we eat. My mom loves my brother and she wants him to eat so she makes ham. He loves ham so much that he can smell it even when he’s in the shower. Ham makes him dance because he loves it. We’ll probably eat mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese with our ham because mom likes those foods.

Aaron Crisman

My mom goes to the store and buys one chicken and one turkey. The turkey has a wing and the chicken doesn’t. When my mom goes to the store, she buys so many things. She buys things for salad and taco stuff; just like meat, cheese, lettuce, and the shells. She probably pays $2. On Thanksgiving she cooks everything on a frying pan. You don’t put them on the same pan because the food shouldn’t mix together. She has four pans; one for the chicken, one for the salad, one for the turkey, and one for the tacos. They cook for two hours and 15 minutes. After two hours they are so cooked that they fall apart into pieces in the frying pan. Me and my sister get to eat the turkey. My mom and my dad eat the chicken. Everyone gets to eat the tacos. I eat the whole bowl of salad by myself though.

McKenna Foreman

You have to go to a farm to get a turkey. I pick out the turkey. I find the smoothest turkey because it’s soft and nice. I carry the turkey home. I let it sit on my lap because I’m not scared but it keeps gobbling. It can’t fly away because we are buckled. When I go home, I boom in the turkey so it will die. Then, I slice the feathers off with a knife. I slice the head off too. I don’t remember if turkeys have guts. I put the turkey in the oven. I cook the turkey for 10 minutes really hot. When it’s done, I just take it out. Mommy helps me a little but daddy just watches a boat movie on TV.

Bradley Wagner

Pappy puts on his boots and he gets his gun. He goes to turkey hill. There are 1,000 turkeys there. He walks around and then, if he sees a turkey, he goes up and shoots it. He brings the turkey to my house in his car. He has a big truck so that the turkey can fit in the back. He has to take the legs off because they are sharp and gross. It’s hard to get the beak out. You have to find an apple tree and pick an apple. Then you put the apple in the turkey’s mouth and then pull it out really fast and the beak and the eyes come off.

Then you’re ready to put the turkey in the oven. It looks plain now. It looks like a big rock. When it’s beeping, you take it out to eat it.

Zoey Gresh

We eat turkey and deer for Thanksgiving. My dad is a hunter. When it’s time he goes and he hunts deer and turkeys. We have a lot of deer and turkeys in our house. They aren’t alive though. We don’t eat those ones, they are just for show. My dad goes to the woods at my pap’s house and he brings me too! We wear all camouflage so that the deer can’t see us. If you wear sparkles, then the deer see you. We look for deer and turkeys in our binoculars. You can only whisper when you’re hunting. I look for the deer and my dad shoots them. I saw three turkeys before, but they didn’t grow their beards yet so you can’t shoot that kind. My dad shoots the turkey and deer, but not at the same time. He takes the whole animal home and then cuts the whole body part off of it. We can see the bones and other stuff. He puts that part in the cooler. You have to clean turkeys off with a hose. He takes the horns off of it and hangs them up in our house. We stuff the turkey with stuffing and hang it up. We eat some of it though, like the turkey, but hang up the body part. I guess you just eat all of the inside stuff but keep the outside stuff for decorations.

Jordan Kauwell

Turkeys come from eggs. The eggs crack up into pieces on the ground. A chick turkey comes out and it gets bigger and bigger. Turkeys share nests with chickens. I have chicken nests in my tree. There are three turkeys in there. I catch turkeys from the tree. It’s very tricky. If I walk to them, they fly away. If I just stay still and say “come here little turkey, turkey, turkey” they come to me. When I put my hand out, I fill it with cat food and they eat that. They sometimes eat worms too like from the mom turkey’s mouth. When they eat the cat food from me, I quick put the chick in a bag and bring it in the house. Then my dad has to kill it. I don’t care because I can still have two more chicks in the tree nest. My dad cuts the wings off of the chick too. Then he cuts the belly off and gets the blood out of the baby too. He cooks it and it grows and grows and gets bigger and then finally pops like popcorn does when it’s a grown up. Then we get to eat it.

Dylan McCollum

Turkeys have good minds. They use their mind and find their way to a garden. They always know where to go. My dad stands on the back porch at my house. He shoots the turkeys right out of the garden. Did I tell you that he loads the gun first? Then he takes the turkey inside and Gram cuts his head off. She takes the heart out of the turkey with her hand; she reaches through the neck part. Then the turkey is dead. She takes all the feathers off too. She has to pull the feet off. Then she has to cook it. She cooks it until it looks like the turkeys in the store. I always get to eat the chicken leg when it’s done. It’s so good.

Creeden Moser

Me and my dad and Pap go out to the woods. They have shotguns. We go hunting for them. We just walk around and look for turkeys. We trick them because we make turkey calls and they think we are turkeys. If we see one, and it’s big, then we shoot it. We don’t shoot the babies because you have to let them grow; that’s what Game Commission says. After you kill one, you bring it up to your house; my dad or Pap carry it. Then, they skin it and gut it. Then they take out the good parts; like the meat and the ham and they put it in the oven. You have to cook it for 10 seconds before the buzzer goes off. Then they take it out and chop it up. My dad puts it on our plates and we eat it! My dad cooks Thanksgiving but my mom is busy, too. She works around the house; like the windows and the laundry.

Nathan Mull

Turkeys come from the forest. They have a shelter in the forest; it looks like a horizon. A horizon is another name for a shelter that looks like a hole. I saw that in the movie Free Birds. They come out of the horizon and climb up trees so they can hide from people so that they won’t get eaten. The hunters come to the woods and try to shoot them but they can’t see them. They are very hard to catch. My grandpa tried once but he couldn’t. The hunters never get the turkeys, well, only sometimes. You shouldn’t eat turkeys for Thanksgiving though. I’m going to eat pizza. Yep, we will order pizza instead!

Kaleb Nicholas

Before Thanksgiving, my dad goes to the woods late at night. He takes me, too. It has to be at 1:40 o’clock. When I come home, I beat him up because it’s so late and I do not like being that tired. I am so mad! We go hunting at my pap’s, in a field. Once, my dad thought he saw a turkey, but it was a dad-bear and he shot it! He killed it! There were two baby cubs though and they didn’t have a home or a mom or dad so we kept them. They were good cubs. They actually live with me and sleep at the top of my bed. We feed them dog food, too. They even let me hold them. They are so small, like 16 inches. Well, since my dad couldn’t find a turkey, we just ate the dad-bear for Thanksgiving. I thought it was yucky; I had to eat the tail, so did my brother and my cousin. All of the persons in my family come over. We eat dinner and then take a walk.

Jonah Noviello

Turkeys come from Thanksgiving. You get them at the Thomas Store. You can get Thomas toys there, too. The turkeys are there though. They’re walking around. We knock the turkey down and catch it. We go home and put it in the oven. It gets burned and on fire. We put things in the turkey; like our Thomas toys. We take it out when it’s dead; it takes 8 minutes, and then “ding-dong” the turkey is ready. We eat it but not the toys.

 Ella Printzenhoff

Turkeys come from the sky and fly into the woods. That’s where the food is, they eat bread. When it’s turkey season, daddy kills a turkey. He goes hunting all around the woods Mammy and Pappy’s house. He shoots a big turkey, it can be a boy or a girl, and brings it home. He cuts it up in the kitchen; I get to watch him. He got a squirrel before, too; I watched that and I even ate it! You don’t eat the guts. After he cuts the turkey, he puts the meat parts in the stove. The meat looks kind of like a chicken but it’s Thanksgiving so it’s a turkey. He cooks it for 10 minutes and it’s five hot. Then, I get to eat it. We eat jelly and bread on Thanksgiving too!

David Royles

Well, a turkey man once gave Garfield’s dad a turkey to cook and it wasn’t even dead yet. It was alive! Garfield was going to put on a turkey suit and free the turkey and give him back to the Turkey Man. That’s what happens on my computer. There is no such thing as a turkey man though, only on my computer. I know that turkeys aren’t really alive. They are dead; that’s how I buy them. I know how to cook turkeys because I ate one before! I put the oven to 25 degrees and my mom cooks them in the stove and we eat the legs only. Lobsters and people eat turkeys; that’s the only things that do.

Ashton Spotts

Turkeys come from the woods. My dad goes up to the woods and sits in his tree stand. He shoots one turkey and then runs after it to look at it. If he doesn’t hear it gobble then he knows it’s dead. He brings the turkey back in the golf cart to my Grammy and Pop-pop’s house. First, they peel the skin off and pull the feathers off. I use the feathers for my feather collection. Me and Grammy want to make two dream catchers with the feathers. You have to take the turkey’s mustache off too; you can just rip that off. We take all of the gross stuff out with a brush. The gross stuff is all the gooey things on the inside. When it’s all cleaned off the turkey actually looks like a pig. We cut the head off too, did I say that? Then we cook it in the oven for eight minutes. I think I play outside with a Frisbee and when I’m done playing, then the turkey is done, too. Then we have a big feast! I know that turkeys gobble and they have brown eyes. I know that stuff because I saw a real one in the woods.

Maleah Vining

If you want a turkey for Thanksgiving you have to put them in the oven. First, you get your turkey outside at the farm. My dad shoots it there. He always shoots the biggest one; it’s probably as big as my dad. That’s why our table is big; because the turkey is big. My dad puts that big, giant turkey in the oven. It gets burnt. It takes 16 minutes. When we open the oven it looks so yummy; like a huge turkey. I like the skin part, but not the feathers. My dad likes the other parts, like the beak, and the legs, and the arms. I eat sausage on Thanksgiving and strawberries. I know where strawberries come from too: a field! Some kids that I know come to my house on Thanksgiving; we all eat on the kid’s side.

Lily Wood

First, my mom’s mom goes to get our turkey at the store; probably Weis. There is a lot of food there but if you look in the freezer, there are turkeys. She picks out a small one, like a baby. It costs $10. You have to take the plastic part off of the turkey. My grandma cooks a lot of food to get ready for her customers. She has to cook all of the food. She puts the turkey in a pan and then puts it in the oven for 10 minutes. It’s just a little hot. The oven makes a loud noise when it’s done. When the turkey cooks my grandma plays on the computer. She sometimes plays this game with words and letters and you play with other people and you make words. She likes that game. A lot of people come and we have lots of food; like a feast!

Colton Ritenour

I am a hunter. I hunt for turkey in the woods on Mountain Road. It’s not my address though. My dad comes with me, just to help. He brings the gun and my brother brings a bow and arrow, I bring another sharp bow and arrow too. We take turns shooting at turkeys. We each kill 5 turkeys. We put all of them in a basket; there are like 6 in there, and then we drive them home. We have lots of turkeys so we have a lot of Thanksgiving days, too. We have 60. We put the turkey in the sink and wash it off. We cut the turkey’s feathers and beak off. Then the turkey can go in the oven. We call Pappy and Grammy to come over. The turkey is done at 5. We have to set the table all day; like all the food and stuffing. We pray and say thank you to Jesus for the turkey and the food. Then we can eat it. My favorite part is the meat where you eat with your hands.

Bret Wirth

Turkeys come out of the ocean. They kind of can’t swim so they have to get out of there. Trucks take the turkeys to the factory. In the factory, there is a cutter that chops the turkeys up. Then another part of the factory puts icing on the turkeys; like cake turkeys. Turkeys are so silly. Daddy gets turkeys for our freezer.  We have lots of turkeys in my freezer. We got them from the refrigerator factory. My dad has to carve it with a knife. That means he gets the gooey stuff out, like the blood. He gets guts out of pumpkins like this too. You have to turn the oven on to number 11 — it’s the same as when you make a cake. Put the turkey in the oven. It cooks for 12 minutes. Then we eat it!

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