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November 12, 2012

‘Biggest Loser’ wants date with Olympian

By Francis Scarcella
The Daily Item

SHAMOKIN DAM —  He may have won the 2012 NBC hit television show, “The Biggest Loser,” but Jeremy Britt is far from the biggest loser.

Britt, 23, of Michigan, made an appearance at Planet Fitness in Shamokin Dam on Monday to promote healthy living and exercise.

Britt lost more than 200 pounds to win the reality TV show contest in May. Britt went from 398 to 190 pounds in six months, and it almost got him a date to the ESPN year-end awards banquet with U.S. Olympic soccer goalie Hope Solo.

“She told me if I finished in the top four I could go with her as her date,” Britt said. “It turns out she was still at the Olympics when I won.”

Britt didn’t have an easy path to victory because he was actually eliminated one week before the finale.

“I was gone, and then they called us and said they were bringing everybody back for a competition, and the winner of that would be on the finale,” he said. “I won by standing on a pole with one foot for more than four hours.”

The next week Britt ended up losing the most weight and winning the grand prize of $250,000. Britt worked at a bank before attending a casting call with his 24-year old sister, Conda. The siblings were selected, and Conda finished third for the 2012 season by losing 115 pounds.

But she didn’t make a dime, so her younger brother gave her $20,000.

“We didn’t do this for the money,” he said. “We did it to become healthy and to lose the weight. This was the main goal but once it got close to the end I knew I wanted to win.”

Jeremy Britt also helped out a fellow contestant who became one of his good friends.

“He always joked if he won he was going to buy a minivan,” Britt said. “So I told him if I win I’d buy him one.”

And he did.

Britt called his new friend after he received his $250,000 and told him to pick up his new vehicle.  

“I made so many good friends out of this,” he said. “I met so many nice people, and I met so many not-so-nice people.”

Britt said he lived on a ranch in California for the six months he was on the show and at times it was a tough being around the 20 participants.

“There is a lot of egos and people who were there just for the cameras,” he said. “I was there to get healthy. I didn’t really care about the cameras and everything that came with it.”

Since Britt’s departure from the show, he is now traveling the country making appearances at one of The Biggest Loser’s sponsors, Planet Fitness.

“These guys have been great to me, and I love meeting all the people when we get to the next gym,” he said. “I got to be honest and tell you that I really do just enjoy meeting people and telling them my journey. The show was a big part of it, but it was just a part. If you put work in front of me, then I will do the work, and that is what I did to lose the weight. I knew I had to so I could stay alive.”

And Planet Fitness was happy to have him.

“I think this is great for us and great for the people of our area to be able to come in and meet Jeremy,” facility manage Jon Casale said. “He is a down-to-earth guy and it is great to listen to his story.”

Britt said when he returned home from the television show he got back into his old vehicle and the settings were still as if he were 398 pounds.

“I couldn’t even reach the pedals anymore,” he said. “Everything had to be adjusted and it felt weird and even when I think about it I don’t realize all the weight I lost until I look at old pictures.”

Britt said he will continue to keep the weight off and he will continue to work hard and he will hold that “special” friend to her promise.

“I still talk to Hope, (Solo) and I told her I am holding her to the date,” he joked. “I won’t give that up.”

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