The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 26, 2013

Are there ghosts among the boo-ks in Northumberland?

By Rick Dandes
The Daily Item

NORTHUMBERLAND —  Something unexplained happened in the darkened Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library on Friday night, midway through a Ghost Hunt conducted by the Teen Paranormal Club.

Marcy Baylor, of Danville, holding a dowsing rod, began getting answers to questions she was asking of the spirits she believes inhabit the library. She would ask a question, and then ask a spirit to “move this dowsing rod,” and within minutes the dowsing rod would move, cross and point.

“I didn’t move the rods myself, I swear,” she said. “I was so nervous I was holding the rods tight and straight. Something moved them, and it wasn’t me.”

The point of the hunt was purely educational — and benevolent. People who believe in spirits and ghosts believe the library, as well as other local buildings, are inhabited by them.

“What’s here,” said library director C. Lynn L. Williams, “isn’t bad, and people certainly should not be afraid of these spirits.”

The Teen Paranormal Club was formed when Williams and Victoria Rosancrans, owner of Spirit Reachers, decided to organize a club that youngsters, 12-17, might be interested in joining.

“I wanted to get teenagers interested in reading, and exploring subjects that might bring them to the library,” Williams said.

“I studied their reading habits and I learned that teens like reading about ghosts and zombies and the unexplained.”

The club began a year ago.

Friday night, 15 members acted as guides, leading area residents around the library basement, attic and book stacks, where spirits allegedly dwell.

“This is a lot of fun,” Baylor said, after her experience with the spirit world.