The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 3, 2013

Lane limits could come off by Tuesday

By Karen Blackledge
The Daily Item

DANVILLE — DANVILLE — The long-awaited end of a detour for flood control project construction on Route 11 could occur as early as Tuesday, according to a worker at the site.

Lifting the detour was delayed from Thursday.

The contractor planned to continue milling work Friday, Saturday and Monday at the intersection.

The detour has been in effect since July as crews construct the flood control project,

Dan Knorr, Danville governmental affairs administrator, said Friday he had no information on reopening of the entire intersection as of Tuesday. He understood the reopening would be Thursday.  

The intersection of Routes 54 and 11 has had one lane closed since July 23. Normally, there are three lanes — one northbound, one southbound and a turning lane for traffic heading north on Route 54.

During the project, lanes which have been closed have been shifted as the contractor has progressed across the road.

Susquehanna Supply Co. of Williamsport is building a closure structure which is a removal stop-log structure that can be installed quickly and removed quickly in the event of flooding. The stop log closures are being built across Route 11 and North Shore Railroad on both sides of Mahoning Creek.

The cost of the construction is $1.48 million.

Danville officials have said the system could have prevented Mahoning Creek flooding in September of 2011 that caused millions of dollars of damage to the Danville Middle School, the Danville sewage treatment plant and businesses along Route 11.

After the detour is lifted, work will continue on the floodwall project through December.