The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 29, 2012

Jury in Union County murder case puzzled over "reholstering" remark

By Marcia Moore
The Daily Item

— LEWISBURG — Jurors in the Roderick Sims murder trial returned to Union Court Monday morning with one question about the testimony he gave Friday.

What exactly did the alleged killer when he mentioned "reholstering" outside Charity Spickler's home?

During Sims’ daylong narrative testimony, the 50-year-old admitted he was peeking in the windows and watching his estranged fiancee, Charity Spickler, and two others in a Lewisburg apartment minutes before he fatally shot her with a 38-caliber revolver he carried in a shoulder holster.

Sims told the jury that he was spotted by Spickler’s friend, Eric Hitchcock, standing near the apartment where he had just urinated and made reference to “reholstering.”

Looking for clarification, the jury asked President Judge Michael H. Sholley if the testimony could be read back to them.

Defense attorneys Michael Dennehy and John McLaughlin and Union County District Attorney D. Peter Johnson stipulated that  Sims was not referring to his gun, but rather that he was putting himself back in order after using the bathroom outside.

Trial testimony ended early Monday afternoon due to weather concerns. Testimony is expected to resume Tuesday afternoon.