The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 10, 2013

Three tablets could become six

School to match gifts from Boy Scout

By Ashley Wislock
The Daily Item

MILTON — ighth-grader Alex Satteson loves being outdoors with his Boy Scout troop, New Columbia’s Troop 600.

He also loves technology and being able to use it in his schoolwork.

Now, Satteson, 14, is combining those passions in his Eagle Scout project — raising money to buy iPads for Milton Middle School.

“I was in an iPad class at school and there was only enough (iPads) for 10 people,” he said.

Satteson’s goal is to raise enough money to purchase three tablets for the school — but with the school’s help, that would mean six new iPads for students, since the middle school has promised to match the number of iPads Satteson donates, he said.

“It’ll be amazing if we get six iPads with the school’s match,” he said.

The iPads can download applications designed to help students learn key concepts and interact in class, including apps designed to facilitate Powerpoint presentations and applications designed to review material, he said.

“There’s one called ‘Khan Counting’ and it helped me with my math,” he said. “But it doesn’t just have math, it has the science history that we’re learning.”

With the school trying to develop a wi-fi server called “BYOD,” or “Bring Your Own Device,” for students, getting the school more tablets for student use right now, is great timing, Satteson said.

To raise money, Satteson is planning numerous fundraisers and is writing to local groups for donations.

In addition to his Eagle Scout project, Satteson said he loves being part of the Scout’s outdoor activities.

“I like the variety of stuff,” he said. “We go camping, then we go biking and kayaking, hiking, all these things that are nice to do outside ... I’m a big tech buff, but I also like being outside.”

To donate

To donate to Alex Satteson’s Eagle Scout project, send donations to: Mr. Alex Satteson, 825 High St., West Milton, PA 17886