The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

June 17, 2013

Family fears cat killer

By Rick Dandes
The Daily Item

NORTHUMBERLAND —  Members of a Point Township family don’t feel safe after their pet cat was found dead Friday in the middle of their backyard, shot in the heart.

“We’re afraid,” said Ashley Good, of Point Township. “This is an area where our 3-year-old child, Nevaeh, played all the time. It’s just scary that it could happen on our property.”

Nevaeh was very close to the cat, Flash, whom she loved very much.

On Friday, the family was home. They didn’t hear a shot. But it was Nevaeh who found Flash, a 1-year-old tabby.

Flash was wearing a pink collar, so there was no question that she was a pet cat.

Nevaeh cried and said, “Flash won’t wake up.”

“She was bleeding,” Nevaeh added. “One eye was looking at me.”

“We saw it,” said Jason Good, Nevaeh’s father. “Our girl, she didn’t understand. She thought Flash was sleeping.”

Flash was special for this family. When they first got her, she was ill, and they had to nurse her back to health.

“She was a very shy cat, but a happy cat,” Ashley Good said. “She wouldn’t hurt anybody. She liked being outside. We’d occasionally feed her outside; she liked that. Flash would play with us, and with our dog. They were good friends.

Devastated, Ashley also cried when she saw what happened.

Jason Good said, “We’re just trying to find out if there is any information out there that can help us find out who did it.”

After finding the dead cat, Jason Good called Point Township police.

“They responded,” Good said. “Officer Tim Fink came out and he was very helpful, very understanding, but you can’t do much without someone witnessing the crime.”

They are limited with what they can do without enough evidence, Good said.

Three days later, they live in fear. They have another cat, Baby Boy, whom they don’t let outside.

“And when I walk our dog, I’m very careful,” Ashley said. “I’m kind of scared even doing that.”

Nevaeh’s grandmother, Charlene Good, added, “Nevaeh loved her kitties. All this is very upsetting that somebody would do this. We are in fear for our families because someone shot our pet.”

Police Chief Josh Vankirk told them if there is any more shooting in the area, “we are to call them right away,” Charlene Good said.

The family has put out a reward for information that would lead to the prosecution of the person who shot the cat.

Anyone with information, or anyone who might have seen the act can “message” Jason Good, of Northumberland, on his Facebook page.