The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 1, 2012

Filmmaker knocks Obama's world view

By Rick Dandes
The Daily Item

— LEWISBURG — Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza didn’t mince words during his 50-minute speech before 300 people Monday night in Trout Auditorium on the Bucknell University campus.

D’Sousa’s main theory puts forth the notion that Barack Obama is actively attempting to diminish America’s global influence, and that’s the central theme of his movie, books and speeches. In his own words, he said, “ The things I speak about are controversial and — considered subversive.”

D’Souza’s film, “2016: Obama’s America,” went into wide release Aug. 24 and has grossed $32.1 million. It has been shown in 2,017 theaters.

People want to know the real Obama, he said, “and so I went back to study where he came from and his influences.”

D’Souza’s theories are psychological and ideologically slanted.

He contends that Obama — who he admits “was born in America” — has a world view that can be traced back to his father, a Kenyan, and his mother. And that world view flies in the face of American exceptionalism.

“He is not a secret Muslim,” D’Souza said. “He just has a world view that is not one I share.”

D’Souza was invited to speak on campus by the Bucknell University Conservatives Club.

Ashley Rooney, a Bucknell student and spokeswoman for the club, said the group had no difficulty from the administration in inviting the controversial author to campus.

Andy Hirsch, Bucknell director of communications, added: “The university has a responsibility to provide an atmosphere that fosters and protects freedom of expression. Any recognized student group may invite whomever they wish to speak or perform at the university. Contracts are reviewed by the Campus Activities and Programs Center for logistical reasons, such as having a proper insurance rider, but decisions on speakers are not made based on content. It’s important to note that, if the guest is a political candidate, we are required to offer similar invitations to that candidate’s political challengers.”