The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 14, 2013

Teens ‘ticketed’ for being good

By Francis Scarcella
The Daily Item

SUNBURY — SUNBURY — There has been a lot of “tickets” being given out at the Shikellamy High School in the last few weeks and assistant Principal Brandy Wiest said she knows why.

“Because we have so many great kids,” she said. “We keep catching them being good.”

Wiest, who came from the Upper Dauphin School District, started the program, “caught you being good,” for high school students.

“Everyone deserves to be told they are doing a good job,” she said. “This is a way to get students more involved and to show our appreciation for what these kids are doing.”

Wiest issued more than 6,000 tickets to teachers and instructed them to keep a close eye on students who are helping other students, participating in class or just being good in general.

Once students are noticed, they receive a ticket and they then bring it to the main office and drop it in a basket, Wiest said.

“There is a reason we make them come to the office,” Wiest said. “So many times students come to the main office because they think they are in trouble. This way they know they can come and say hello and drop off their tickets and know they aren’t in trouble.”

The program seems to be working.

“I got a ticket because I was helping our foreign exchange student get around the school,” Halia Van Kirk, a junior, said.

“I think this is a great program because we have so many students who do such good things and they never get noticed.”

Sophomore Ben Reevs agreed.

‘It’s nice to hear we are being noticed for doing good things,” he said. “I really like this program.”

Both students had their names pulled and received a special lunch.

“We gave them pizza,” Wiest said. “We are doing the best we can with what we have.”

And that is where Wiest is asking for the Shikellamy business community to help out.

“It would be great if we can get people involved,” she said. “If anyone could donate small things. Like gift certificates or anything that a student might enjoy.”

Wiest is also getting rid of the tickets and has a program in place where students are making “Shikellamy Bucks.”

The fake money will be used for the program and for purchases at the student store, Wiest said.

Principal Ernie Jackson loves the idea of the community helping, he said.

“I believe this program will motivate kids and I believe this will also motivate teachers to recognize them,” he said.

“It is always healthy for the school community to tell people they are doing a good job.”

Wiest said sometimes it’s just nice to hear.

“No matter how old you are,” she said. “Who doesn’t like to be told they are doing a good job.”

To donate to the “caught you being good” program call (570) 286-3747