The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 26, 2013

Oh Baby! Union County twins remain totally in sync

By Ashley Wislock
The Daily Item

LEWISBURG — Looking at their newborns, Alexandrea Condon looked at her sister’s baby.
“Yours makes more faces than mine!” she said.
Her sister, Addison Firman, looked at her.
“Is that normal?”
The sisters are fraternal twins, but claim to be nothing alike. However, their lives continued to intersect Thursday when the twins both gave birth to baby boys at Evangelical Hospital in Lewisburg - in adjoining rooms, of course.

“I just thought, ‘What are the chances?’” said Addison’s husband, Benjamin Firman. “We started joking about a TV show.”
The girls, born on March 26, 1989, learned they were pregnant on the same day, something that made Condon - who already has two little boys - relieved when she found out, knowing that Addison had been trying for a child.
“She called me and said, ‘I have a secret to tell you; I’m pregnant,’” Condon said. “I said ‘Thank God! Me too!’”
Their due dates were five days apart, something Firman said was exciting.
“We always said growing up, that we were going to get pregnant together,” she said. 
The girls just had know idea they would be giving birth on the exact same day.
Due to complications, Firman arrived at Evangelical on Monday and was preinduced Tuesday. She said at one point as she was resting during the 36 hours of labor she thought she dreamed hearing that her sister was also in labor.
“I told my mom that I had a dream Alex’s water broke,” she said. “She said, ‘Oh that’s not a dream.’”
Condon, of Lewisburg, ended up giving birth after a Cesarean Section at 7:45 a.m. Thursday to Peyton Swineford, who was 5 pounds, 14 ounces, according to proud father Scott Swineford.
With just 10 minutes left in the day, Firman, of White Deer, ended up giving birth to Hudson Firman, weighing in at 6 pounds and 6 1/2 ounces, after an emergency Cesarean Section, she said.
Both boys came in at 18 inches long.
The babies were sleeping peacefully Friday at Evangelical as the new mothers described their first nights with the babies.
“They’re exhausted as well,” Firman said. “He slept through the night.”
Condon said Firman called her almost every day during her pregnancy to ask about different things. But she doesn’t think her sister will take her parenting advice.
“She won’t listen,” Condon said.
The mothers say they probably won’t throw any joint birthday parties until the boys get a little bit older and can decide whether or not that’s what they want.
But the mothers already have some cool ideas for them.
“Since they’re born close to Halloween, we can do a costume party,” Condon said/
“That’d be really cool,” Firman agreed.