The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 27, 2012

Store clerk catches man trying to use fake $100 bill in Danville

The Daily Item

— DANVILLE - A Newark, N.J. man purchased items with a counterfeit $100 bill, according to borough police.

Ansumana Kamara, 20, purchased items at Puffs. He was charged by police with forgery and theft by deception.

A clerk at the Mill Streeet store told police he bought water, a lighter and a bag of chips totaling $11. Clerk Kristin Litchard said she looked at the bill in the light and the watermark showed Abraham Lincoln's face, and not Benjamin Franklin's face.

Police went to the bus parked at Puffs and asked Kamara and a woman with him to leave the bus. Litchard identified Kamara as the person giving her the counterfeit bill.

Police allowed the woman, identified as Niya Thorn of Williamsport, to get back on the bus.

Kamara gave Litchard the money for the water and chips and returned the lighter.

After police asked Kamara if he had any more money, he pulled another counterfeit $100 bill out of his pants.

Kamara told police he received the two bills at a club. He said they felt real and he wanted to see if they were real so he bought a few small items with one. He then told police "he had no doubt in his mind that they were real," according to the charges.