The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 8, 2012

Voters: Spats may cost commissioners

By Francis Scarcella and Robert Inglis

The Daily Item

MOUNT CARMEL — Commissioners may pay for incessant quarreling in the next election, a number of eastern Northumberland County voters said Friday.

Battles among Commissioners Vinny Clausi, Rick Shoch and Steve Bridy have been the topic of many Valley media sources in recent weeks, and there’s no indication a truce is on the horizon.

One has said another needs to see a psychiatrist. One has blocked emails from another. One said another owes the county $58,000.

There have been allegations followed by press conferences to rebut allegations followed by indications of peace followed by more infighting.

“Ouch,” said one woman who refused to provide her name.

“Babies,” said another.

“Disgusting,” added a third person.

Most residents interviewed didn’t want to provide their name either because they said they feared county officials’ retribution or because relatives worked for the county.

“Get rid of all of them,” a man said of the commissioners. “They are all idiots.”

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