The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 11, 2010

Fiscal responsibility

Daily Item

---- — This editorial letter is only the second such letter I have been moved to pen in my lifetime. I say this to let you know it takes some prodding to move me to do so. The 25 percent pay increase granted to the Lewisburg Superintendent has provided the motivation. This coupled with an increase in school taxes (at least on my tax bill) of 7 percent.

As a Member Benefits Representative of a Fraternal Organization, one of the things I do is review financial statements of individual members. I can tell you that it is not uncommon to find the following: These are very difficult and uncertain economic times in which we are living. Many people in the area are struggling financially due to unemployment or underemployment.

The older population is struggling to make ends meet due to fixed incomes that are stressed to the limit, especially in light of the low investment and interest rate returns of today. Many households have seen their retirement nest eggs reduced by one half to one third over the past five years.

Even those who are fortunate enough to have good paying jobs are stressed financially between saving for college and retirement, and generally are sacrificing in one area or the other.

Having stated the above facts, it seems irresponsible that the Lewisburg Area School Board leaders would choose this time to increase the burden of those taxpayers they represent. I support voting against the members of the board when election time rolls around again.

This letter in no way is meant to be a negative statement about the current superintendent, who this writer finds to be professional, caring and dedicated to the students of Lewisburg. However, I do not think the same can be said regarding the fiscal responsibility of the school board members to those they are supposed to represent.

Gary C. Quarry