The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 13, 2010

Lifting me higher

Daily Item

---- — I am not a winner of a Pulitzer Prize, nor am I an author of best selling novels, I'm just a human being attempting to live life here on earth with purpose and I can find no greater way to do that than through my faith and my belief in God. So I have given myself the weekend to think about my response to the opinion shared last week entitled, "Keeping Faith but Losing Religion," written by Leonard Pitts Jr.

The first line of the article, "Today, I quit being a Christian," which apparently appeared on the Facebook of Anne Rice, took me by surprise.

My first thought, given a quick read, stirred a passion deep within. I could no more quit being a Christian than I could stop loving God.

Perhaps I felt protective of the one who had breathed new life into me and blessed my life with the abundance of many promises.

We have so watered down scripture that much has been lost in the translation. We cannot take bits and pieces of the Bible and write our own gospel

But, "To quit being a Christian?—"I don't think so. We can be disillusioned by churches which fall short of the commission and we can question the quality of leadership, but I do not believe it is possible to turn our backs on the very foundation of Jesus' teachings.

Thank you, Leonard, for stirring my passion for being a Christian. As one whose soul was once dead to him, but brought back to life in him, I will remain in the struggle that faces Christianity daily—that of fighting the battle of a higher purpose and a truer cause for his kingdom.

Carole Hamm