The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 15, 2010

Economy is tough but still pay rises

— It was my first time attending a Lewisburg School Board meeting last night (08/12/2010).

I went to hear public comment on the Boards recent decision to extend

the Superintendents contract,  which included a 20-plus percent pay raise.

After the public comments,  the Board responded, and not surprisingly they missed the point.

The comments were in no way, shape or form an attack on Mr. DiRocco or his ability to run this school district, which each speaker made perfectly clear.  But, the responses form the majority of the board spoke only to the worthiness of Mr. DiRocco to run this school district.

The public comments were however in opposition of the amount of the pay raise in these tough economic times and the process in which the decision was made.

The Board held two "Executive Sessions" behind closed doors, for a total of three hour and then voted on and approved the new contract, without disclosing the details of the new contract to the public.

In my opinion this is a violation of the Sunshine Act.

There were also comments from the board that would lead one to believe that the board feels that they know what is better for John Q , then John Q does. And that we should not have been questioning their actions unless we attend every school board meeting.  If only we had that kind of participation from the board members themselves.

The board did say that they "found" the funds to cover the pay raise in this years approved budget.  What about next years budget?

Maybe they could "find" some funds to "hire an efficiency expert to see how we/they are really spending our tax dollars."

Charles Fegley