The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 28, 2012

Obama deserves second term

Daily Item

---- — In our evenly divided politics, many thoughtful, principled Americans would like to see President Barack Obama ousted from office over broadly felt disappointment with the slow pace of economic recovery.

The race for the presidency has narrowed late in the contest as Republican Mitt Romney successfully appealed to moderate voters by blurring the distinctions between his views and those of President Obama.

Romney's road to the nomination, however, required so many contradictions as he corralled his party's recalcitrant right wing, that it is hard to know how he would improve upon the course toward recovery charted by the Obama administration.

Gov. Romney's tactical decisions to re-cast his moderate record of governance into the severe conservatism of his candidacy has made it impossible for the public to trust any pronouncements or predictions about how he would lead this nation forward.

On the grounds of consistency, clarity and trust, The Daily Item supports President Barack Obama's re-election to a second term.

We understand the waning faith in President Obama's ability to achieve his positive vision for our country. Stubbornly hard times have visited too many communities, too many individuals for too long for our hopes to be high or great.

While the Obama presidency has not accomplished all we had hoped, the president has led the nation through a difficult period with a steady hand and the better record of political compromise and consensus the nation wants and needs.

His first term prevented utter economic collapse, rescued the American auto industry and wound down two wars.

His signature health care legislation, while imperfect, empowered and protected millions of Americans whose very lives were reduced to disposable digits on the spreadsheets of insurance conglomerates.

Through these difficult times and in the face of unprecedented obstinacy that bordered on humiliation and abuse from the opposing political forces, President Obama has been publicly reasonable and temperate.

Gov. Romney is an accomplished individual, a man who has a record of admirable charity and credible public service. His performance in the nationally televised debates met the test of acceptability for our highest office.

The very blurring of his self-proclaimed severe conservatism with his record of moderate governance was too often too tactical to inspire the level of public trust every successful president needs. We have come too far through these difficult times to turn back now.