The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

September 4, 2013

Today's Rave: Guns permitted at the Bloomsburg Fair

The Daily Item

— Days after announcing that all firearms would be banned from the fairgrounds, Bloomsburg Fair officials said Tuesday concealed firearms would be permitted for people with “updated, proper permits.”

The Fair originally banned firearms from the fairgrounds as part of the implementation of recommendations from a Department of Homeland Security audit, said Bill Barratt, the superintendent of police and parking at the fair.

But after the announcement that firearms would be totally banned from the Fair, which runs from Sept. 21 to 28, last week, boycott petitions sprung up across social media, with the Facebook group “Boycott the Bloomsburg Fair” garnering more than 800 likes.

Here are some local thoughts from The Daily Item’s Facebook Page:

“I am 100 percent for the right to carry (a big hunter and recreational shooter myself), but sorry to say, the Bloomsburg Fair, or any other fair for that matter, is not the place to have a gun. Some crazed nut job who gets angered over a game that they think was rigged or a person that butts in line could potentially pull the gun and end up injuring or killing someone. Congrats to those people who felt the need to make this a massive demonstration just to prove a ‘point.’ You have made me and a lot more people all the more hesitant to visit the fair this year.” – Brach Williams

“Who needs a gun at the fair? I am almost 60 years old and never even gave a thought to needing a gun to go to the fair!” – Deanna Dauberman

“For the love of God, if you don't like someone's rules on their own private property, just don't go. Don’t make a production of it. It’s not illegal to possess a firearm in a bar, however is the owner says you can’t carry it in, it’s his property and his discretion. Respect it.” – Mike Criswell

“1) more people are injured due to alcohol than guns. 2) no one is arguing they need a gun at the fair. 3) Just because there is a potential to cause an injury doesn’t mean there should be a ban. Cars, cigarettes, alcohol, bad parenting, freedom of speech, fair food, and stuff on the ground can potentially kill someone, so should they be banned?” – Steven Capis