The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 18, 2012

Cheers and jeers

Daily Item

---- — Cheers: To Mayor David Persing and the members of the Sunbury City Council who have called on the Rescue Hose Company to hold a hearing and explain why a former officer in the department was banned from the department. Since the move, fire company officials have refused to justify the move to the officer, Rick Sinko, or the public. While the city leaders say there are only a few options available to force the fire company to act, Councilman Jim Eister noted that the city could cut off funding to the fire company. We hope it does not come to that and that officials in the Rescue Hose Company take steps to provide greater understanding of the evidence that led them to act against Sinko.

Cheers: To the Selinsgrove Seals, who won the District 4 AAA football title on Friday. The Seals have won the district championship a dozen times, but the 2012 title was the Seals' first since winning the state championship in 2009. In A football, Southern Columbia won the district title, as well.

Jeers: To Hostess, the venerable snack-making giant, which has announced it will shut down its factories, putting 18,500 employees out of work after failing to reach a new labor agreement with unions. The decision is distressing because of the lost jobs, but also because it could mean the end of Twinkies.

Cheers: To officials in the Midd-West School District, who have struggled to meet public expectations about how to respond to bullying allegations since a student committed suicide more than two years ago. The district was criticized for removing signs commemorating the anniversary of the tragedy. On Friday, though, the West Snyder Elementary School hosted an anti-bullying assembly featuring Jeff Blum, a motivational speaker and puppeteer from New Jersey.

Cheers: To Jim and Jean Lilley, who decided, after discovering that the American Red Cross chapter was in no position to help them during their time of need, to help the organization so it would be able to assist others. The couple launched a hoagie sale fundraiser that over almost 20 years raised $228,000 for the Red Cross. Over the years, Red Cross officials estimate that the couple donated more than 2,500 hours while helping to make 60,000 hoagies. The Lilleys now plan to hang up their hoagie-making aprons, and they retire having deserved the thanks of their friends and neighbors, who benefited from their generosity of time and energy for so many years.