The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 31, 2013

Today's Rave: Message for Trick-or-Treaters

By Alexandra Petri
The Washington Post

— Here is a note that one woman in North Dakota, evidently a local treasure, told radio station WRIG that she will be giving out this Halloween to kids who did not meet her standards.

Happy Halloween and Happy Holidays Neighbor!

You are probably wondering why your child has this note; have you ever heard the saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’? I am disappointed in ‘the village’ of Fargo Moorhead, West Fargo.

You [sic] child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season.

My hope is that you will step up and parent and ration candy this Halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits.

Thank You

One Halloween tradition is to impose your parenting choices on others. There’s that dentist who gives out toothbrushes. There’s that one guy who gives you nickels to teach saving, the one house with apples, the house that gives out vegan treats that taste like saddle leather, the house that gives out delicious vegan treats that contain peanut allergens, the house that gives out pencils instead of candy, the guy who sticks razor blades into the apples just to keep you vigilant.

And now there’s the house with the mother who gives out rude notes.

And even if this isn’t a case where everyone’s already doing the best they can do, I cannot imagine that this letter would improve the situation. “Ah, a note from my neighbor with a typo and a pumpkin! Now we’d better change the way we parent!” is a sentence no one has uttered, ever.

The Daily Item’s Facebook page had plenty of comments on the note:

“She should mind her own business! She needs a refresher course on the golden rule! I pray she doesn't do this!” – Christine Kelley Griffith

“That is so wrong and so damaging to children. She’s not brave, she’s cruel and insensitive.” – Jenny Baney

“She could simply give out a nickel, dime or quarter if she didn’t want to hand out candy. Sounds like she had some kind of issue as a child?” – Robert Miller

“This isn't wrong at all. She has every right to hand the publications out. And people have every right not to take them, or to just avoid her property all together.” – Kyle Clements

“That’s just plain rude. So what if they are overweight. They are out trying to have a good time and someone has to remind them if their issues. Rude.” – Benjamin Holtzapple

“How sad. Let children alone. If she feels that strong about it she could simply hand out pencils or healthy choices.” – Melody Bergerson

“There is no reason to give a child something like that, now if she politely handed the note to the parents that is different. Hopefully a parent will take it upon themselves to fix her face if they don't like it.” – Lena Schooley

“That’s not her job, it’s the parents.” – JC Dodge