The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

September 11, 2013

Today's Rave: 10-digit dialing coming to Valley

The Daily Item

— Change is a comin’: the Valley is a week and a half away from 10-digit dialing for local phone calls, starting Saturday, Sept. 21.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission announced in April that local calls in the 570 area code would need all 10 digits in order to go through and that they region will get an additional area code, 272.

Is everyone ready for the change? Not really.

There was a mix of opinions on the 10-digit dialing on Daily Item Facebook page Tuesday. Most people feel the change is no big deal; in fact, that’s exactly what John Del Vecchio, location unknown, said. .

The change, PUC said, is because phone numbers are running out in the 570 area code. Once existing 570 area code numbers are exhausted, new telephone numbers will be assigned under a 272 area code.

There were more than 50 responses to the story on The Daily Item’s Facebook page, including:

“I don’t think it is that big of a deal. I have it stored in my phone book that way, and when I taught my kids their phone number I always gave them the area code when teaching them, because if they got lost or kidnapped and used the phone who knows where they would be and if they would need it!” – Christina Ayala

“Thankful all my numbers are stored with area code...nothing changing here.” – Sandy Steese Houpt

“Think it would have made more sense to divide the area like they did with 717 years ago instead of having two area codes in one area.” – Kelli Ann

“Not sure why this is such a big deal? So the Valley is finally catching up with the rest of the issue here except for something minor that people will blow out of proportion and complain about.” – Tony Bendele

“So glad that we are progressing backward since the invention of the phone in 1876.” – Jeff Singer

“Technology being advanced is why they have to do it in the first place, it wouldn't fix it. Everyone and their brother not to mention kids have cell phones it’s only common sense that numbers would start running out.” – Lindsay Hook Sassaman

“It’s not that much of an effort to dial three extra numbers. Plus, if you are calling out of the area for any particular reason, you would need to dial the 10-digit phone number anyhow. Not a problem.” – Brach Williams

“The reason is we are running out of exchange numbers due to the proliferation of mobile devices. Each cell phone, tablet, mobile hotspot has its own Mobile Identification Number tying up a telephone number. Back in the 90s houses had one or two telephone numbers, now with the mobile age houses average 5 numbers! Splitting the area code again would be a downright asinine idea. It is the equivalent of assigning everyone a new phone number. As a business owner that would be a disaster.” – Bryan Sokoloskie