The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 12, 2014

The knock-out game

The Daily Item

— Recently there have been reports of the “knock-out game” becoming a problem in major cities as well as some rural towns. The “knock-out game” is when a teen-ager goes up to an innocent bystander and tries to knock that person unconscious with a single punch, a sucker-punch. There have been many prominent and major accounts of this violent game badly injuring innocent bystanders. This is unnerving to know that a teen-ager’s idea of fun is determined by hurting another person.

There have been many attacks in New York City, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. This “game” is a trend that is spreading, fast. The assailants getting involved in this “game” are claiming to do it because it is “cool” and “everyone is doing it” and it is “a great thrill.”

Not only has this violent “game” become an issue, but it has become a streak across the country. I think this is becoming a bigger issue than society can handle. The urge to be violent just because one can is growing in young Americans and needs to be dealt with accordingly. It is a socially accepted feeling learned at a young age; these young children need to know it is not responsible to engage in violence just because it is possible. If that is not understood by today’s youth, we will have many more issues like this “game” in the future as this younger generation grows up.

Thinking for the future, we, as a nation, need to stop advertising violence as a “game” that everyone at any age can have fun inflicting, without any consequences. Senseless violence and domestic violence should be behaviors we shun, not turn into a game to enjoy.

Paige Hepner,

Shamokin Dam