The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 13, 2014

Many thanks

The Daily Item

— Two years before any of us heard about the tire burner proposed for White Deer Township, members of Organizations United for the Environment (now Shale Justice) were dedicating their efforts to staving off this project before it even came to public consciousness. Dave and Sue Laidacker and Charles Sackrey repeatedly met with local elected officials to make them aware of the dangers of this proposed project. Charles spent countless hours researching and gathering the information that would help get our fight started. The support given by OUE/Shale Justice to our grassroots community-based effort enabled us to organize, educate, and build the momentum that ultimately led to success.

We are also grateful to the scientists, environmentalists, and public health experts who helped us build our case against tire incineration. Dr. Sherri Mason of SUNY/Fredonia, Dr. Derek Straub of Susquehanna University, Mike Ewall of Energy Justice, and Kevin Stewart of the American Lung Association graciously shared their expertise and time with us as we protested En-Tire Logistic’s air quality permit with DEP.

We also benefitted greatly from the counsel of environmental lawyers across the region and state who donated their expertise or provided it at a low cost so we could stay ahead of evolving legal issues associated with this situation.

Finally, Brice Brown, Don Joint and David Beideman of Milton infused our team with generous support on many levels in terms of publicity materials and fundraising. We are grateful for their dedication.

There are so many other individuals on our team and behind-the-scenes who deserve thanks that, unfortunately, space simply will not permit. We hope many people will come to our gathering at United in Christ Lutheran Church this evening, Tuesday, Jan. 14, 6:30 p.m., so we can thank them in person. They showed the power of a community united.

Dave Jacobson, Pete Mackey and Leah Schade, on behalf of the Tire Burner Team