The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 1, 2013


Daily Item

---- — The Daily Item's July 17 Opinion Page had a well written letter from Joseph Martin titled "Welfare Stigma". His letter covered the excessive public funding that drug addicts are accessing through the SSI disabilities program. I was disappointed to see that no one responded with a comment about his letter. If you didn't read his letter you should take the time to look it up and make yourself aware of the problem that Mr. Martin is battling.

After 29 years in law enforcement and corrections I can agree wholeheartedly with the ideas put forth by Mr. Martin. Welfare for the able bodied is destroying our nation both financially and morally. Drug addicts and welfare recipients should be performing some form of public service for the benefits they receive. (A resident treatment like work-camp would be far better for the community and the addict then the current poorly monitored SSI system.)

Our nation's welfare and social problems have far more to do with lack of personal responsibility then they do with lack of public funding. In addition to the SSI Drug Addict programs "We the People" (Working-class taxpayers) are paying for the out of wedlock children of biological parents who make no attempt at creating a family? The titles of "Baby Momma" and "Teen Mom" should not be perceived as some form of accomplishment that entitles a person to public funding. Community assistance should require community service. Public welfare should be a helping hand, not a hand out.

Lack of social responsibility extends to the White House. President Obama and Attorney General Holder blame the Zimmerman-Martin incident on the issues of "race perception" and "Stand Your Ground laws". Not once have I heard them direct any blame for that sad night towards the socially irresponsible and violent hip-hop culture that may have influenced Martin's actions, and Zimmerman's perceptions. Attorney General Holder has stated that "Stand Your Ground" needs to change. He and his supporters in the liberal media have put forth the idea that "We the People" don't have a right to defend ourselves; but "We the People" do have a responsibility to retreat and submit to our attackers. Funny how Mr. Holder and the liberal media overlook the violent robberies and carjacking of the 1990's that led to the creation of those laws.

Sad fact is that more often than not those robbers and carjackers of the 1990s were SSI addicts, or the products of public welfare families. What has President Obama done to turn welfare into workfare? I'd like to remind Attorney General Holder and the liberal media that "submit and retreat" didn't work out to well for the victims of 9/11, both in 2001 and 2012.

William Shirk, Selinsgrove