The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

March 20, 2013

Editorial ethic

Daily Item

---- — It is very disturbing that The Daily Item would choose to print Ronald Crayton's letter which states that allowing gays to serve as Boy Scout leaders will inevitably lead to a young boy being sexually abused.

Gay men are not sexual predators. The attempt to make this parallel to the Roman Catholic priests' abuse of young boys is not an apt comparison. There is a whole host of issues surrounding that scandal that have absolutely nothing to do with the priests' sexual orientation. The fact is that many heterosexual men are sexual predators against girls, boys, women and other men.

By Crayton's logic, we should also not allow heterosexual men to teach in schools, coach children's sports, or lead Boy Scout troops, because of the risk of abuse. This line of thought is obviously illogical. But more appalling is that you, as editors, would put such a letter into print. Crayton is entitled to his ignorant, ill-informed opinions. But when you print them, it perpetuates the harmful stereotypes against people of differing sexual orientations that inflame communities and contribute to hate crimes.

You have a responsibility to the community to guard against such inflammatory and false rhetoric. I would suggest you exercise your editorial ethic much more strongly in the future.

The Rev. Leah D. Schade, Pastor, United in Christ Lutheran Church, lewisburg