The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 23, 2012

Romney definitions

Daily Item

---- — The following definitions in the Romney dictionary have been garnered from actual, documented remarks by the Republican presidential candidate:

n Health care -- "free" ride to the emergency room when near death.

n Tax cuts -- Romney plans to spur the economy, except that the cuts are "revenue neutral," so you still pay the same amount of tax.

n Moochers -- 47 percent of Americans who utilize tax code provisions that reduce taxes, the same as wealthy people do, except that they don't make enough money to require payment of federal income tax.

n Political conviction -- espousal of the views predominantly held by whatever group you are addressing at the time.

n Honesty -- an outmoded virtue once thought to be characteristic of a man of integrity.

To which I add my own:

Romney voters -- deniers of reality who vote against themselves (unless they're very wealthy).

James Swartz,