The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 23, 2012

Who sacrifices?

Daily Item

---- — As I watch the political debates escalate toward the finale in November, a few issues stick out in my mind. Both candidates have made reference to sacrifices that the people have made, and will continue to make if they are elected.

Back in 2010, I wrote a letter that was published in this paper suggesting all political office holders be forced, by executive order, to take a percentage-based pay cut. I'm talking Congress, Senate, representatives, governors, and everyone in between whose salary is funded with taxpayer dollars, top to bottom.

This money should go back into the system solely to pay for the much-needed middle-class programs and benefits that they claim cannot be funded any longer. This gesture could also help reinforce some trust the "people" have lost for our lawmakers and the political process.

The amount of political and corporate corruption and greed that exists in this country, and goes unchecked, is mind-boggling to me.

Many middle-class programs suffer.

A true leader would find a way to keep people who have lived and worked all their lives in this country from being thrown under the political bus.

Talk is cheap.

What I would have liked to have seen is someone rise up from a third party with a viable shot at the title, someone who was not weaned in a country club environment, who knows the taste of their own blood, sweat, and tears, who shares the values of working-class Americans.

Neither of the major party candidates, in my opinion, seems to truly understand these values.

They will keep their "reverse Robin Hood" program in place; rob from the poor and give to the rich and tax everyone in between.

All they seem to be genuinely concerned with is power, prestige and the elite salary that goes with it.

Since that third-party candidate never appeared, my hope is to still be around for the next election. Perhaps I will then have the opportunity to witness a true leader emerge.

Willam Ashenfelder,

New Columbia