The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 1, 2013

Shame on Marco Rubio

---- — When I first met Marco Rubio at a conservative gathering in Washington, I was impressed and I had great hopes for him.

However, his support of the Schumer-McCain-Graham amnesty bill has completely turned me off. The so-called safeguards (which supposedly would make the amnesty only half as bad as it otherwise would be) will not be enforced. With Barack Obama in the White House, it takes a lot of gullibility to believe that the border security and other stronger provisions of the bill would be enforced. Obama has no qualms whatsoever about ignoring and breaking the law, so why would he enforce this one?

In the meantime, the welfare rolls would be expanded, the increase in Democrat registration would skyrocket, the national debt would continue to go through the roof, respect for the rule of law would continue to fade, crime along the southwest border (and elsewhere) would flourish, and a new wave of illegal immigrants would rush across the border (with impunity). Please don't insult our intelligence by peddling the C.B.O. fairy tale that granting amnesty somehow would increase revenues. The Heritage Foundation's exhaustive research calculates that this rogue bill would cost the American taxpayers $6.3 trillion. It just passed the Senate, but the House may block it.

How can Rubio be naive enough to believe the enforcement provisions of this amnesty bill would be enforced? Hasn't he and the "Gang of 8" learned anything from 1986? And with Obama in office, the border would not be enforced. Janet Napolitano says it's already secure, and we all know that is a bold-faced lie.

I'm all for big business and for small business, but some big corporations are obsessed with getting cheap immigrant labor and they don't give a damn about what happens to America. Of course our immigration system is broken. But you don't fix it by doing more of the same. There are laws on the books which the executive branch in not enforcing.

What we need is border enforcement period. In spite of a few arrests her and there, both Bush and Obama have done a lousy job of securing the border. They haven't wanted to. Rampant violations of the Visa System are ignored.

As for Rubio's presidential ambitions, if he can't stand up to the like of John McCain and Chuck Schumer, how on Earth would he deal with hostile and devious world leaders? The general consensus was that if he had stuck with the conservative, principled position on immigration, his numbers would have been competitive with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

All this has convinced me that Rubio is not ready for prime-time. At this point, my favorites for 2016 are Ted Cruz (now there's a real conservative who has the guts to stand up to the liberals and lawbreakers) Scott Walker and Rand Paul. Any one of them would be terrific.

Shame on Rubio for letting John McCain and the liberal Democrats control him and use him.

Donald J. Ely, Sunbury

Republican State Committeeman for Northumberland County