The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 1, 2013

If these rocks could shout!

---- — If these rocks could only shout! We would know what the battle of Gettysburg was all about!

The supplies in the South were running low, so up North is where they needed to go.

Up from Chambersburg they came, to a little town with a strange name.

Leaders with names like Lee, Pickett and was perceived that the battle would end very good.

One thing these Southerners failed to do, was secure the high ground ahead of the Blue.

Culp's Hill, Cemetery Hill, Big and Little Round Tops as well, all occupied by the Yankees waiting to hear that eerie rebel yell.

It was an uphill battle from the very start, but you must give those Southern boys credit, they had a lot of courage and they showed a lot of heart.

Up those hills they would charge again and again. Only to be repulsed by valiant blue men.

The cannons and rifles continued firing still, maiming and killing whomsoever they will.

Smoke and fire filled the air... blood and dead bodies were scattered everywhere.

Wounded and dying, crying out in despair...the stench they say was way beyond compare.

With his men and ammunition nearly spent, Lee rounded up his troops and back South they went.

Never to invade the North anymore, for the duration of the Civil War.

Who actually won the battle after that third day? No one seems to be able to say. Some say blue and some say gray.

Of this one thing there is no doubt. We would know the whole story if these rocks could only shout!

Glenn R. Miller, Chaplain, Detachment 308 Susquehanna Valley Marine Corps League