The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 16, 2013

Top 10 myths

The Daily Item

— I was asked by the David Letterman Show to list the top 10 myths believed to exist in Pennsylvania as a columnist from that state.

Not really. I hardly know David Letterman. We pass each other coming or going from the Weis Market with barely a nod. But it seemed like a good idea so here goes.

These are the top 10 myths listed by Pennsylvanians in a recent poll taken at the Milton Dollar Store during rush hour:

10. Everything on the internet is true.

9. The trickle-down theory really works.

8. Governor Rendell’s casinos plan has reduced our property taxes.

7. Everyone pays attention to the speed limits.

6. PennDOT plans ahead.

5. Pennsylvania liquor stores have the most selections, best priced, highest quality wines and liquors in the country.            

4. The Turnpike Commission is also known as the honest commission.

3. Everyone knew about the $41 billion state pension fund debt hidden by Governors Rendell and Ridge while in office.

2. The Do Not Call Registry really, really works.

1. And the number one myth: the recorded business message is the most efficient and user friendly achievement of modern technology. Press seven on your phone followed by the pound sign if you agree.

Vincent De Cerchio,