The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 19, 2013

Not above the law

— In response to Mr. Dorman of Hartleton to criticize The Daily Item about Mr. Zerbe. Sir, you can use any brush to paint what you want, Mr. Zerbe was not employed or paid by the village of Hartleton.

By his actions, the speeders you refer to were happy (I sure would be) to pay toward the playground. No points against me, no insurance increase.

The bottom line is what he did was wrong, period. Talk about being above the law. Do you recall back when he was confronted by the deputy game warden at the scene when a neighbor reported him for shooting a deer from his auto? When he was approached by the warden and questioned, his reply was “Do you know who I am?” Back then this was reported by The Daily Item.

He may be Mr. Nice Guy but he’s not above the law.

Phil Krosetta,