The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 13, 2014

Views from a 1947 Lewisburg graduate

The Daily Item

— Every morning, I’d have the joy of walking to high school without the worry about “catching the bus.” Along the way, I’d be impressed by meeting bankers, lawyers, doctors on their way to their offices. Their “good morning” greetings gave me great inspiration.

Also, I remember helping an elderly lady cross the street. And this winter, two high school students helped me over an icy pavement.

Some of my friends and I had part-time jobs after school. I did some daytime babysitting and later helped at a small restaurant which required being prompt.

Some of our students were invited to participate in certain classes at Bucknell University, and some of their students came to our school to help us enjoy some extra enrichment activities. Once again, we were all able to walk either direction. How fortunate, for us, to be here with Bucknell right at our fingertips.

We had 84 graduates in 1947 with the best teachers going that extra mile to help a student reach his/her goal. At that time, we had basketball, baseball, football with great cheerleaders and a 90-member band!

My  heart goes out to each of you working so faithfully to achieve the best education for our eager teenagers.

We also have to be concerned about our teaching staff. Our teachers also have a lot of family chores after school hours. Retaining our current high school could possibly ease their anxieties of the day.

Endless benefits of keeping our present high school building could provide many worthwhile surprises. So, let us look at it this way: Let us work together with consultants to improve our current high school.

We have the best location! It is in Lewisburg!

Elsie Hackenberg Schenk,