The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 5, 2014

Thank you, farmers

For The Daily Item

— With this cold weather, it can be easy to overlook hard working, dedicated people. Farmers do not go on vacation, take a day off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, or call in sick; they do not get out of working in this miserably cold weather. Even if it’s below zero outside, we still have to get up early to milk and feed the cows, check the chickens, fix pipes that burst, clean the barn, fix equipment, plow the driveway, and many other things.

Chores that take one hour to do now take three hours. It is so cold outside that dumping hot water on pipes isn’t working.

I have been to two banquets this past January where all the customers were dairy farmers. Everybody looked so tired and had burnt faces from working out in the wind. Usually everybody talks about their cows, but this time everybody was asking how many hours did you spend fixing broken pipes and cleaning manure out of the barn.

We do not enjoy working out in this cold weather, but because we have a love and passion for farming and know that America is counting on us to feed them, we do the work in the good and bad weather. So thank you farmers for working in this miserable cold weather.

Ashley Wetzel,