The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 7, 2014

Student Voice: Relevant to class

The Daily Item

— I am a senior at Shikellamy High School, and I have been a student in this district every year of my education. I am an honors student, captain and president of multiple clubs, and I will be attending college in the fall on a full-tuition scholarship. I am a result of a Shikellamy education. And in my time as a student, I have never been so appalled by the criticism this district has faced in the last month.

In regards to Diane Miller and her health class: I took that class this previous semester, and I did the “dirty word” activity. It was completely relevant to the topic at hand, as we were beginning our Reproductive System unit, and as a bell-ringer we were asked to write down slang terms and discuss them. And then we were told to crush up the paper, throw it away, and never use those terms again because they were immature. We would only be using the anatomically correct words in her class. It was an easy way to warm us up, as students, to an uncomfortable but necessary topic to learn. In that unit, we also learned how to find signs of breast and testicular cancer, symptoms of STIs and STDs, and safe sex methods. I seriously implore parents to call the school, and thank Diane Miller for what she has taught their children.

We are trying to rebuild our community, as we are in the midst of constructing a new middle school. The district needs support from every member of our community. Why, when there are so many positive things, does Shikellamy only face criticism?

Daniella Snyder,

Shikellamy High School