The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 26, 2012

No leader

— With Midd-West facing a $1.8 million budget gap for 2012-13, and hitting homeowners with an average $160 real estate increase, how CAN the school board can give the superintendent a 4 percent retroactive wage increase is beyond comprehension!

What the hell is the matter with these school boards? All administrators and teachers accepted a two-year wage freeze, but the board approve the 4 percent wage increase retroactive to Dec. 1, 2011. Should not all the administrators and teachers be considered also?  

The money ain’t there, folks. Yet, the school board sees fit to give Mr. Wesley Knapp a 4 percent increase and his remarks were “I will accept this one. And I wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of first. A good leader does that.”

A good leader would have rescinded the offer at these tough times and thanked the board.

He is to be a leader. This is wrong, wrong, wrong!  One can only hope the taxpayers of Midd-West get out and replace the whole school board. Shows money talks. With a $110,000 salary, I guess.

Albert Golfieri, White Deer