The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 30, 2013

Think about speed

Daily Item

---- — One major event and privilege in a teenager's life is turning 16 and being able to of drive. Parents always warn their children how dangerous being behind the wheel can be. Be alert and always focus on the roads with no other distractions, meaning the radio, cell phones, and other passengers.

But one thing parents don't have much control over when their children are driving is speed. Speeding increases the risk of an accident and lack of driving experience; it reduces reaction time and can be an especially deadly combination when a teen drives over the posted speed limit.

According to, speeding is a factor in 30 percent of all crashes in the United States, killing more than 1,000 motorists each month. Speeding is more serious than many teenagers make it out to be. A person's life can change in a matter of seconds.

At Selinsgrove High School, during the month of May on the daily announcements they say one fact a day related to teenage driving. Many of the students don't pay attention to these facts.

A few years ago Selinsgrove was affected when one of our students was killed speeding. The high school students and faculty mourned the loss of a close friend. Speeding is not worth losing life. Showing up late to an event is better than not showing up at all. When driving behind the wheel think about the speed being driven.

Olivia Herrold,