The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 31, 2013

Fertile environment for growth

---- — After spending 40 years as a local banker and helping to manage the growth of two local banks, the current problems with our federal government remind me of a story told to me years ago.

It seems another bank had hired a consultant to study the attitude of its employees concerning the many changes brought about by the rapid growth the bank was experiencing. This consultant and his team held many meetings with the employees and middle management of the bank, and to a person the response was, "no one seems to care about us," "there is little communication from the top down and what there is, is worthless."

Many employees were afraid to complain about the crappy conditions that had evolved because top management had become so detached from the day-to-day operations that affected most of the employees. Executive management had moved from the customer contact part of the bank to a separate building and was now insulated from any feedback either employee or customer. The consulting team was puzzled as to just what they should report back to the board of directors.

They did not feel comfortable reporting that most of what executive mManagement had done was a bunch of nonsense. So they worded their report as follows: "We have carefully analyzed the information from our studies of the bank and are happy to report that we believe, your bank operates in a fertile Environment that promotes Growth."

In my opinion this is exactly what has happened with the executive branch of our government. They have created and promoted an environment that the majority of the governed believe much of what they do is a bunch of nonsense, but they have insulated themselves from any negative feedback and continue to grow the government.

We now have an executive branch that is not accountable for its actions or inactions and is not responsible for anything resulting from an out of touch and out of control federal government. Our president learns of what happens in Washington, D.C. from reading it in the paper or hearing it on the evening news. No one tells him anything negative and if they try their careers are threatened or their organizations attacked.

So here goes: "Mr. President, what is happening in Washington under your watch is a bunch of nonsense. It is time for it to stop."

Jim Charles, Selinsgrove