The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

June 4, 2013

Wholesomeness is gone

Daily Item

---- — A number of news articles and Letters to the Editor have addressed some serious issues concerning our lifestyles and culture.

Over time, our society has accepted what was previously unacceptable. This has applied to almost all aspects of our lives. This trend does not make it right or beneficial. In fact, it is quite the contrary as it has eroded the moral fabric of our society. America's high standards of ethics and morals were what made America strong, exceptional and successful. We have seen a decay of those attributes to our detriment. They have been replaced by skepticism and distrust, some of which has been earned. The wholesomeness we enjoyed is gone. This decadence is affecting all of our institutions from church to state, business to academia and news media to popular culture. Our leaders ask "Is it fair?" Shouldn't they be asking "Is it right?"

History records the story of the demise of nations who were willing to compromise and abandon their values, were apathetic and consequently saw their ruin. Hopefully, we as a nation will not allow that to happen.

Jesse C. Woodring, Sunbury