The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

September 18, 2013

Missing the boat

Daily Item

---- — I appreciate the county commissioners slashing the row officers' salaries in an effort to save the taxpayers some money. However I, for one, think our county coroner, Mr. Jim Kelley, has a job most of us would not, or could not do.

Never knowing when the telephone rings, at any hour, what horrific event you will be going to, and what sad news you will be giving to loved ones ... cutting his salary below all of the other salaries was mindless, in my opinion.

And to discover Mr. Tony Phillips was magically not included in the slashing of salaries is really hard to understand. I guess the row officer's nice 9-to-5 in a climate-controlled office job is the same as being on call 24/7 in all kinds of weather? Not to mention the horror?

You missed the boat on this call, gentlemen.

Shelley Paul,