The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 22, 2013

Give locally

Daily Item

---- — How many people in Snyder County recently received a letter from Central Pennsylvania Food Bank requesting a donation to the Williamsport office as part of their 2013 Thanksgiving Appeal?

Before you send them money consider two things. 1) The Williamsport branch does not supply Snyder County with food and 2) not all food banks in Snyder County are affiliated with the Harrisburg office of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Take some time to investigate the organizations supplying food to those in need in eastern Snyder County. Loaves and Fishes located at Saint Paul's United Church of Christ in Selinsgrove at is open on the last Friday of the month. All Saint's Episcopal Church, Selinsgrove, cooks and serves a dinner meal on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Five Loaves and Two Fishes is located at the Sound of the Gospel Church.

All three of these food banks are operated for people in our local community who are finding it hard to make ends meet. None of them receive donations from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, Harrisburg office. All rely on community support. All three groups would welcome financial donations.

When you consider making a financial donation to help people of all ages in our community consider supporting one or all of the food banks that distribute food to folks in the Selinsgrove, eastern Snyder County area.

If you do decide to donate to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank send the money to the Harrisburg branch. There are 3 food banks supporting western Snyder County residents who receive food from that branch.

Arden Miller, Selinsgrove