The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 8, 2012

Reward success

Daily Item

---- — Perform well and be rewarded. This simple concept applies to our efforts made in school, at work, in sports and throughout our daily lives.

One very significant segment of our society is apparently exempt from this rule. That segment is made up of the various parts of our government charged with the responsibility of doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Our system of government was born out of sacrifice, determination and considerable genius. It is a system that allowed for a country to emerge that would provide a home to all who wished to be free and benefit from the effort they put into their lives. This system of government still exists and provides the promise for the future that we all are searching for. What it lacks is leadership and an understanding of what brings us success.

The most glaring example at the moment is the fact that the Congress took its one-month "recess" and left the problems of the country on desks in Washington. Members of Congress are now traveling their districts frantically raising money for their re-election campaigns when back in Washington automatic cuts in government spending will come about because they were not able to agree on how to cut spending and move toward a reversal of our national plunge into crippling debt. The president blames Congress, the Congress blames the president and the reckless spending continues unchecked.

The country is in crisis. We will have added another trillion dollars to our national debt. This debt accumulation cannot continue without destroying our country as we know it. Perhaps this is the "fundamental change" that President Obama promised when first campaigning for president. For our future's sake, vote for candidates that offer a solution instead of a continuation of spending money that we do not have. Our votes should reward success, not failure.

Henry Truslow,