The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 2, 2012

Toward better future

Daily Item

---- — Thank you, The Daily Item, for endorsing President Obama's re-election. I hope that undecided voters will pause and consider the following before voting for Mr. Romney.

Four years ago, our country was in much worse shape than today. The housing market had just collapsed, Wall Street was bailed out, the auto industry was failing, and we had entered the greatest recession since the 1920s. We were still fighting a war in Iraq and Osama bin Laden. None of these things happened by accident; they were the result of the bad choices of eight years of a Republican administration. Mr. Bush was the only president in history to start two wars and cut taxes for the richest Americans at the same time, practicing what his father had called "voodoo economics."

Today, we are still struggling to get out of that recession, but we are moving in the right direction.

The number of private sector jobs and the stock market are both higher than they were when Obama took office. The Iraq War is over, and combat troops will be leaving Afghanistan. We have two new, excellent female Supreme Court justices. Domestic production of oil, gas, wind and solar power are all up.

Private health insurance companies can't refuse to cover children with pre-existing conditions, impose caps, or drop coverage when you get sick.

President Obama is moving this country toward a better future.

Mr. Romney proved in the Republican primary debates that he will say anything to get elected. His ideas (except for Romneycare) are the same old ideas that got us into the mess: cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and let "voodoo" make things better for us all.

Please, when you vote on Nov. 6, don't take us back down that road.

Jove Graham,