The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 13, 2012

Unprepared voters

Daily Item

---- — Now that voting is over, some of you have some work to do. Just over 1,000 came and voted in Rockefeller Township. We were not able to accommodate some people because they were not on our rolls. Some were not registered. Some did not have up-to-date registration information because of address changes. I'm sure the same thing occurred in other voting districts.

Now is the time to fix that.

Contact your county election office and get them the correct information. Find out where your polling place is. Next time you will be ready to vote.

Don't wait so long to vote next time. The best chance you have to have effect on your life is at the local level for local governments and school directors. That is where a few votes can be the difference in who wins as opposed to a few million votes in a presidential election.

Your next chance to vote is during the primary election in May. Make a difference.

David Reier,