The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 27, 2013

Do the people's work

Daily Item

---- — Governor Corbett has turned down $43 billion from the federal government intended to expand health insurance to Pennsylvanians who need it.

He contends it will cost Pennsylvania $4 billion over a 10-year period if he takes the money. Let's see, 43 minus 4 equals 39. If we accept the federal government's offer, Pennsylvania ends up $39 billion ahead over 10 years.

Corbett says he don't trust them. Meanwhile, he continues to cut back on education and other such niceties of life the people in other states have. Besides, who needs health insurance or education?

California, for example, is taking the money and using it to insure its citizens who don't have health insurance. Plus, they are finding that this now frees up other state money to do long neglected work on their highways and bridges, restoring their public schools and universities to previous high standards, and providing jobs.

Let us, here in Pennsylvania, elect state official who can do arithmetic, and who will actually work for all of the people of our state.

Edward Grimm, Lewisburg