The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 31, 2012

Learn from tragedy

Daily Item

---- — There is no hiding the fact that guns have become a major issue in the United States. With two shootings in the week of Dec. 10, and about 30 lives lost, I think it's safe to say that new laws have to be put into effect. Families should be thinking about their holiday plans, not whether their local mall or elementary school is a safe place. Sadly, people have had these problems all around the country. How many lives too young to be lost will it take for organizations like the NRA to realize twisted minds are easily able to get their hands on a gun? The fact that a tragedy can happen in the safe, suburban town of Newtown, Conn., at Sandy Hook Elementary, only makes one think, could this happen to me? Can we say that any of our local elementary schools are safer than Sandy Hook? I am confident these questions will be answered with the proposals President Obama plans to submit to Congress no later than January.

We start by working as a nation to require gun owners to have a written test, physical, and usage test just like the process of getting a driver's license. This would get responsible gun owners the guns that they desire and keep irresponsible owners away from these weapons. We need to make guns a more difficult object to get so they are in the right hands. I believe if public shootings continue, then rifle clips have to be reduced or banned, so we can keep students as safe as possible. I cannot say that these public shootings are a good thing, but we can learn from these tragedies and gain control of these firearms, with the help of our nation's leaders.

Jonah Markle,

Selinsgrove Area High School