The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 8, 2013

Pants on fire, the sequel

Daily Item

---- — Having followed politics for the last 40-plus years, I have noticed one stark difference between the left and right. While the right deals mainly in facts with some embellishment and political satire to promote their agenda, the left uses grains of truth, innuendo, outright fabrication and character assassination. Gary Fincke's latest attempt to once again defame anyone or anything conservative is a prime example. His effort to tar and feather the pro gun folks, Fincke shows he is indeed a very creative writer and a propagandist. Fincke cites an incident in Newtown, Conn., where a father speaking about his murdered child is taunted by pro gun nuts. One problem with this scenario, it never happened. Oops ! Better check your pants Professor, they're starting to smolder.

I would wager that the Professor is an avid devotee of MSNBC, because this is the only place this scenario happened, thanks to some creative editing. It would seem MSNBC and our Professor adhere to the Joseph Goebbels school of journalistic ethics, considering this isn't the first time both have fabricated so called facts to suit their agenda. The folks at MSNBC say they get a warm feeling run up their leg when President Obama speaks, so one should not expect anything close to fair and balanced journalism, but Fincke seems to blindly follow. Fincke also cites statistics that show gun owners are more of a danger to themselves than to criminals. Actual statistics show the opposite. In Newtown the only school in a gun free zone was the one attacked. The only theater in a gun free zone in Aurora, Colo., was the one attacked. This shows that while crazy, these people are not stupid. Backround checks for every gun buyer are fine, but more restrictive gun laws that may make us feel more safe have proven to do nothing but make law abiding citizens more vulnerable to the criminal element. They don't care about laws.

Greg Cronomiz, Danville