The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 7, 2014

Student Voices: Creationists vs. evolutionists

The Daily Item

— Why is it that the evolutionist and creationist argue? Every few years there is a court case about these sciences.

As a current student in biology, I have learned of the evolutionist side. Why do we, creationists, argue with the evolutionist so much though? The way I see science between the two sides is that, without creation there can be no evolution. Basically, in order to have any form of life, life must be created. To add to my opinion, I believe everything and everyone evolved from the dust of the Earth. When we burn a corpse we become ash. To most people ashes are a form of dust from the earth.

I think that evolutionist and creationist should stop the fighting and think about what they are doing before accusing the other side wrong. Science isn’t going to get anywhere if fights in court cases continue. Let each side believe what it wants and allow that scientists group to experiment with what they have.

Tarisa Melius,

Selinsgrove High School