The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 14, 2012

Games over

Daily Item

---- — Now that the elections are over, there's only one question I need an answer to: Will anything other than partisan gamesmanship be accomplished?

After a billion dollars(!?) was spent by each party in the race for president and millions more to be elected to either Congress or the Senate, it will be interesting to see if we, the people, really matter to the victors as much as they said we did during their fundraising, er, I mean campaigning.

Let's see if job creation, tax reform, energy independence and fiscal responsibility were just campaign talking points. We will find out quickly when the Bush tax cuts end and average American taxpayers have $3,500 per year added to their tax responsibility. We will find out, likewise, if they are serious about fiscal reform and have the courage to embrace tough but necessary decisions such as the Bowles committee recommended or we just continue printing and hemmoraging money.

Is it feasible for arguments over who's at fault to cease and both parties work together to stop the economic slide of our republic? We, as citizens, have an important duty in this as well. We must stop fighting over who's right or wrong and stop being angry and make our elected leaders follow on their campaign promises. Whether we voted for the people or a different candidate we must remember they are our leaders.

Harry Prentiss,