The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

September 24, 2013

Tweets shine light on racism

Daily Item

---- — Reading Representative Tom Marino's tweets shines a light on his racism and elitism. A recent tweet states, "I will continue to protect my constituents from Obamacare until it's fully delayed, defunded, or repealed & replaced with meaningful reform." We are a nation of laws and "Obamacare" is the law. Just like all Americans, Representative Marino has a duty to follow the law.

Why does Rep. Marino act as if he has the right to not follow the law? Rep. Marino and many of his white male Republican colleagues speak as if they do not need to follow laws with which they disagree.

Imagine if the roles were reversed. Imagine if African Americans refused to take a drug test because they did not agree with the law. Imagine if Hispanic Americans refused to show their identification when asked because they disagreed with the law. How would Rep. Marino respond?

Of course Rep. Marino would be outraged at these displays of anti-Americanism. Rep. Marino's statements about the Affordable Care Act are no less anti-American.

This tweet is not an isolated incident. Recently Rep. Marino stated that, "(The President) really doesn't care about where this country is going unless it's his plan." I vividly remember President Obama asking Republicans in Congress to design a health care approach together and the Republicans refused to discuss any plan. Moreover, his suggestion that the President does not care where this country is going if he does not get his way is correlated with many Republicans' belief that the President is not American. This suggestion is tied to the President's race.

A country does not function when its people can choose which laws they want to follow. If Rep. Marino opposes the Affordable Care Act then he should work to implement another law. Until then he should follow the law and not act as if his whiteness gives him the right to disobey the law.

David Jacobson, Lewisburg