The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 4, 2013

More can-do democracy

Daily Item

---- — Congratulations to The Daily Item for the editorial about the Affordable Care Act. Although it was nothing more than an honest and accurate description of where we are in American healthcare and how we got here, it was a courageous stand for you to take. Some of your readers will probably be angry for stating the case so plainly, and will likely accuse you of all kinds of un-American activity.

However, I'm also sure that many more Americans, like me, will flock to the health care exchanges to purchase now-affordable health insurance for our families. I don't know about any other small business owners, but I received a flurry of calls from insurance companies a couple months ago offering "to lock me into" a policy at rock-bottom rates "before Obamacare kicks in, because who knows what will happen then."

Well, it turns out that Obamacare will make it possible for me to get a policy that costs at least a third less than the rock-bottom policies the private insurers were eager to lock me into. With better benefits, lower co-pays and a lower deductible. The insurance companies made their bed and I feel no sympathy for their discomfort.

As for Senator Ted Cruz's warning that I am going to "get addicted to the sugar," consider the source. This tough-talkin' Texan receives a pretty sweet government deal himself -- a base salary of $174,000, plus a pension, plus health care, plus an allowance, all paid for by we taxpaying worker bees. This drinker of public honey is afraid some poor person with diabetes or heart failure is going to get subsidized health care? And is willing to shut down the government to stop it from happening?

This is craziness, a kind of ideological hysteria, but Cruz and the rest of the Hystericons are clearly on the wrong side of history. In fact, I've been wondering if maybe Obamacare will provide the economic push that finally gets us out of the Great Recession, given our aging population and the robust health care sector of the economy.

Think of that -- for the first time in American history, something other than a war gets us out of a recession. Not only that, the solution to the recession is named after the guy who is hated above all others by the guys who caused the recession in the first place. Not only that, the haters are the ones who came up with the idea of naming the solution after the guy they hate! Ah, human history -- you can't make it up because no one would believe you

Trey Casimir,