The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 8, 2013

Dog would have gone home

Daily Item

---- — To the man who shot my grandchildren's dog:

Recently, my 12-year-old grandson sat down beside me and said he was sad. He didn't understand why you had to shoot his dog. I told him that I didn't know, but as time went by he could not forget but forgive.

I know something terrible must have happened to you when you were growing up to put this hatred in your heart, and for this I am very sorry.

You didn't have to shoot this poor dog who my daughter had taken in as a rescue because she was kept in the basement for two years. All you had to do was tell her to go home and she would have run home.

I am thankful that she had the five months of love from four children and two adults who were just getting her used to being loved and taken care of. Every night she would run with my daughter and the baby would lie on her to sleep. Someday, I pray that you will realize what you have done and ask forgiveness from my daughter and children.

Those kids will never forget their beloved Rayne and how she was taken from them.

Anita Hering,